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Ashton & Bentley offer a range of standard external bath finishes including white, metallic and hammered metallic as well as custom / bespoke  options for external colours and designs. You also can paint the bath yourself to suit you own interior design style. Contact us if you need advice or have a special design in mind, we will be please to help.   

Standard Factory Finishes

Ashton Bentley Bath Finishes
Standard Metallic Finishes

Ashton & Bentley is the perfect alternative to heavier metal baths. The range has been designed with a unique metal surface resulting in a bath that is exceptionally strong and elegant but without the excessive weight.

Traditionally, metal baths suffered from tremendous heat loss but with the thermal properties of Correro™ that insulates rather than loses heat you will be able to maintain water temperature longer.

Colour variations on the metal baths due to rigorous polishing are inherent characteristics of the bath and should not be deemed as faults.

A simple wax finish will keep your bath looking shiny and elegant.

The Correro Metallic™ is only available on the Aegean, Alessa, Athena and Corinthian. All metallics are available with either a Stone Matt or White Gloss internal finish.

Standard Metallic Hammered Finish

Metallic Hammered finish is only available on the Aegean, Alessa, Athena, Corinthian and Othello. All hammered finishes are available with either a Stone Matt or White Gloss internal finish.

Special Order Colours or Paint Yourself Coloured Baths
Coloured Baths

External Colour Finishes

Ashton & Bentley are pleased to offer an exclusive high quality paint finish that is protected with Correro Colour™.

Your personalised colour scheme can be implemented using our traditional craftsmen and the finest materials, ensuring you a truly one of a kind Ashton & Bentley bath.

Correro Colour™ is only available on the Aegean, Azzure, Corinthian, Alessa, Athena and Othello. All Correro